Divorce and Family Law

Family matters and domestic relations, including: marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships; adoption and surrogacy.

Birmingham Divorce Attorney

Uncontested Divorce

If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage and are in agreement as to the issues of child custody, visitation, property division, alimony, and child support, you need an attorney that will work to make sure everything proceeds as smoothly as possible. I offer uncontested divorces without children for $300 plus filing fees. If children are involved, there is more paperwork involved and a higher chance of a court appearance. Fees for uncontested divorces with children start at $475 plus filing fees. If you and your spouse are ready to move on to new beginnings, call or email today Birmingham Divorce Attorney Adrian B. Dunning to set up your appointment.

Pre-nuptial agreements

Pre-nuptial agreements are one of the most under utilized tools in domestic relations. you can save yourself tens of thousands of dollars by making decisions on what happens should your marriage end, before ever getting married. Experienced Birmingham Divorce Attorney Adrian B. Dunning offers pre-nuptial agreements with prices beginning at $350.


After the divorce is over, your circumstances may change so that certain aspects of the divorce decree are no longer feasible. Alabama law allows modification of divorce decrees on the issues of  child support, child custody, alimony, and visitation under certain circumstances. Call Birmingham Divorce Attorney Adrian B. Dunning for a free consultation regarding your circumstances

If you feel your divorce decree is no longer feasible, call today to set up an appointment to discuss what options are available.


A. B. Dunning, LLC offers representation of clients at mediation of family law matters. For more information on mediation please visit www.family1stmediation.com.

Contested Divorce

In most cases, property division, custody arrangements, visitation, and other issues involved with the dissolution of a marriage are matters best resolved in private between the parties to the marriage. Resorting to a decision made by a judge can create a huge waste of time and money. No matter how long the trial is and how much testimony is submitted, a judge will only ever know a limited amount of information. For that reason I urge all people considering a divorce to try and reach an agreement on the issues in dispute. Once all decisions have been made, the parties may separate via an uncontested divorce.
However, every situation is different and there are some instances where the parties will never agree on the issues involved in the separation. Often times the failure to agree can be due to one party refusing to acknowledge the other’s resolution to dissolve the marriage. Other situations requiring a contested divorce may include mental illness, substance abuse, domestic violence, and child abuse or neglect. In these instances, a contested divorce may be the only alternative. If you need contested divorce services call Birmingham Divorce Attorney Adrian B. Dunning for a free consultation.