Birmingham Elder Law Attorney, A. B. Dunning, can help you preserve your life’s work with a financial plan for long term care.

The cost of an assisted living facility in the state of Alabama can often exceed $6,000.00 a month. Even if you and your spouse have been prudent investors and managed your finances wisely, medical expenses can deplete your legacy and leave you with no assets to pass on to your children and grand children.

A proper long term care planning strategy can ensure you qualify for government benefits to pay for your long term stay in an assisted living facility without losing your home and your life savings. But don’t wait too long. Current law provides for a five year look-back period where Medicaid can require gifts to be paid back before granting eligibility. Call Birmingham Elder Law Attorney A. B. Dunning, LLC today to learn more about protecting your assets through long term care planning.

Your future is our business, and we will advise you how to protect your assets for your family while allowing you to qualify for long term government benefits.